Bolaffi World
An overview of the world of collecting

23 May 2018
The CollectorClub gets a makeover
10 September 2018

The new issue of Bolaffi World, the luxury bi-annual publication for Bolaffi customers, is ready to browse. As always, there are many ideas for collecting inside.


For numismatic lovers the article In Lucania non hanno nulla da invidiare a nessuno is a quick excursion among the beautiful coins minted in the ancient mints of the Magna Graecia region; Il denaro ai tempi di Gesù searches for which coins Judas paid the price of his betrayal; Mascagni e don Bosco, personaggi e monete di valore sheds light on two silver coins among the rarest of the Italian Republic; Napoleone, Maria Luisa e Murat divisi dalla storia, uniti dai marenghi, captures the personalities of these three characters from their engravings; Torre del Mangia e Chiesa di san Giovanni degli eremiti: monumenti d’oro highlights the anniversary of two high golden values ​​in the Italian series.

The philatelists will be interested in the piece Quando Parma bruciò tutti sul tempo that recalls the first issue of a Provisional Government in pre-unified Italy; Il Milan non era rossonero? goes behind the scenes of two “errors” for the stamps of the Milan team, while, on the occasion of the centenary of the end of the First World War, Le due Venezie sono una rarità  retraces from the point of view of the stamps the passage of those lands to Italy. For those who “look up”, do not miss L’Odissea nello spazio dell’Apollo 13 told by the cosmograms and R34, un dirigibile attraverso l’Atlantico, with its round-trip aerograms. In the testimonial of the month, the scientist Guido Tonelli reveals the origins of his interest in philately.

With regard to the origins of the history of writing, in A ciascuno il suo orzo a clay tablet records the names of the recipients of barley and wheat rations from four thousand years ago.

And again, the latest news from Bolaffi publications: the Monetæ collection, which readers already know, and Volare!, the album-book coming out in autumn, which collects the desire of flight. Finally, a preview of the new company website